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What You Might Wanna Know About Extreme Makeover: Home Edition

A Challenging Application Process

While the show was on the air, anyone could apply. The application was quite long, though, and it took a while to hear back. Apparently, the casting department went through around a thousand applicants a day. The families that were chosen for the show all went through unbelievable hardships, but the application process to get on the show was challenging on its own. Sometimes even too challenging.


Photo by EndemolShine, realityblurred.com

Some finalists included families with medical illnesses, special needs, or were going through rough financial times. Sadly, some families with real needs were looked over for others that faked their hardships. It’s unfortunate, but even a feel-good show like Extreme Makeover: Home Edition isn’t immune to those trying to scam the system.

Like this one family…