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The Disaster of the Big Fat Lottery Win

What if you won the lottery? What if you won millions of dollars, to be precise? Would you be over the moon? Most would emphatically answer, “Yes!” But we are here to tell you that winning the lottery has its cons too. It can drag you down, pull you into depression, and even kill you.


Photo by pathdoc / Shutterstock.com

Clearly, you don’t believe us. But you will, as we tell you about some real-life, gruesome stories about lottery winners and how their lives started descending in a never-ending spiral of depression, extravagant spending, drugs, and prison until most of them met their end. Read on below and prepare to be shocked.

Humble Beginnings

Luck, like winning the lottery, doesn’t come by every day. Until she managed to hit the jackpot in 2015, Marie Holmes never expected it to happen. A 26-year-old single mother of four worked two jobs – one at McDonald’s and the other at Walmart. Naturally, she never once thought that she’d suddenly have hundreds of millions of dollars at her disposal.


Source: NBC

As if it wasn’t hard enough to be working two jobs and taking care of four children, Holmes was a step ahead in having troubles in life. One of her children had recently been diagnosed with cerebral palsy, and Holmes had just left her jobs to care for him. So, of course, when she discovered she’d struck it lucky with the lottery, it must have felt like a dream come true.