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Top 7 Social Traders That Are Worth Checking

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Social trading networks are like the Facebook of the investing world. You can learn about new investments and strategies, connect with other like-minded traders, and get advice about when and where to trade. One of the drawbacks of following investment advice on the Internet is that you don’t know much about the people giving the advice and can’t see their track record. Social trading networks, however, provide you with information about a trader’s performance and risk so that you can better evaluate the advice. You should do some research to find traders who meet your risk and performance preferences, but here are a few top social traders that you should consider following .

1. Berrau

Bernhard Rauch is a German trader on eToro . Bernhard’s portfolio is currently split at around 20% cryptocurrency and 80% currency.

As a result, he missed the 100-200% portfolio gains in 2017. His portfolio return was 21.44% in 2017 and 58.69% in 2016. On the other hand, he’s managed to earn a return of 9.72% so far in 2018, which is better than many traders holding cryptocurrencies can claim.  Bernhard only trades around 1.92 times per week, and his average holding period is 1.5 weeks. He has 373 followers right now, but he’s worth following for how well he has done managing his portfolio after the decline in cryptocurrencies. He still has money invested in cryptocurrencies to be in the market when values rise. On the other hand, he’s reduced his risk by focusing on the more stable USD/NZD and USD/AUD markets.

2. Couguar

Henri Gustave D Caron is a trader who has been active on eToro since 2016. Although he doesn’t have as long of a track record as some other traders in the network, his performance has been impressive.

His portfolio is up 12.8% so far this year after a 43% return in 2017. Henri is mostly invested in stocks, but he has 2% of his portfolio in cryptocurrency. He’s a relatively infrequent trader with just an average of 2.6 trades per week. Henri tends to hold positions for a medium-term of around four months. With a risk rating of about 3-4, Henri’s portfolio is a relatively low risk. Henri has 667 followers copying his trades right now, but that is sure to increase if he continues to grow a record of profitable trades. Follow Couguar if you want to trade stocks but don’t want to be placing trades every day and like a more extended holding period.

3. EurekaNZD

EurekaNZD is a currency trader on Zulutrade. Don’t let the name fool you because he trades more than just the NZD. He’s been active on Zulutrade for 157 weeks and has earned an ROI of 331% during that time. He trades an average of 7-8 times per week and places trades on the NZD, EUR, GBP, USD, CAD, JPY, and CHF. Although currently ranked #16 by Zulutrade, he has been ranked as high as #1 and in the top 5 for several weeks in 2018. If you are looking to follow someone with daily trades in a wide variety of currencies, 98% of EurekaNZD’s 1,164 trades have been profitable. That kind of success makes him worth following.