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Celebrities Reveal Top Workout Tips That Help Them Stay in Shape

Have you ever wondered how celebrities manage to stay looking so good, even as they get older? Of course, having lots of money to be able to pay personal trainers and get the very best nutritional advice must help. Still, a lot of them also have to work hard in the gym, as well as avoiding all of the usual temptations like sweet treats and fast food to look their best.


Source: Shutterstock / Photo by David Fisher, Shutterstock / Christopher Polk, Variety, Shutterstock / AFF-USA, Shutterstock

Well, some of the stars we know and love have been revealing their secret workout techniques and gym routines to give their fans and followers the edge. From Alicia Keys to Courteney Cox, these superstar celebrity tips can help us all lose a little weight, gain a little strength, push our bodies a little further in the gym each day, and perhaps even start to look a little more like our Hollywood idols.