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50 Breakfast Sandwiches 50 States: Breakfast Sandwiches That Put McDonalds To Shame

Ahh, the breakfast sandwich. A perfect example of simple flavors being put together to make a meaty, juicy, cheesy concoction between two toasted carb vessels of your liking that you can take on the go in your early morning commute hassle-free, and loaded with comfort and calories. The breakfast sandwich is one of the few food items whose integrity went untouched for years. All of that changed once McDonald’s introduced the McGriddle, and from there, the breakfast sandwich broke the glass ceiling. Americans eat more than 300 million breakfast sandwiches every year, thus restaurants have to step their game up, and compete to stand out. We picked the number one, most unique and delicious breakfast sandwiches in all 50 states. Each one packs charm, fun, carbs, and calories. If you didn’t go out to buy a breakfast sandwich after reading this article, then hands down, something is wrong with you.

Sandwich Deck in Anchorage, Alaska

The Sandwich Deck has been modestly plaiting some of the best comfort food in Alaska for the past 15 years. Whether you are looking for an authentic Alaskan dish like their Halibut Burger, or prefer to get your breakfast fix with what you see here, the Reindeer Breakfast Sandwich.


Source: foodnetwork.com

No games here, just good old toasted white bread, and cheddar cheese all on a bed of a snappy sausage and fluffy eggs. Alaska is a place where the views are so exotic you need to take it down a notch to enjoy them. This sandwich does just that, everything you want in a bite while you’re gazing out the window.