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Everything’s Bigger (And Deep Fried) in Texas: This is Why Food Just Tastes Better in Texas

Every year, Texas kicks off the “State Fair of Texas”, the largest state fair in the country, where visitors enjoy games, livestock shows, carnival rides, arts and crafts, and most importantly the deep-fried foods. For years, Texas has been at the forefront of deep-frying science, creating mutant “foods” that are both outrageous and phenomenal at the same time. And every year, the fair holds a contest for the most innovative deep-fried foods. Some like to call them Frankenfoods (the terms needs no explanation).

There’s no denying the seduction of the fair’s fried food contest; it’s the reason why people go to the state fair in the first place. Everyone wants to see what creation is going to be made this time. Have you ever tried deep-fried bubble gum? Or how about deep-fried Sheppard’s Pie? Is it just me or is your mouth already watering?

This is a list of some of the best deep-fried food creations ever made. You can admire them as classics or even take them as inspiration for your next attempt to deep-fry something this weekend for the kids. And forget the calorie-count – this article is meant to be all about guilt-free deep-fried goodness.

Peanut Butter Banana Cheeseburger

Talk about creative! Someone thought of taking a grilled beef patty and topped it off with cheese, banana slices and peanut butter spread over both buns. And then they took it a step further and fried it in deep oil.


Source: Burger Artist

This creation can also be referred to as the Elvis Burger in honor of the King of Rock n’ Roll’s most beloved snack: peanut butter and bananas. This Frankenfood took this combo and made it completely unhealthy and completely mouthwatering.