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Forget What They Taught You: Don’t Refrigerate These Foods!

There’s no class in elementary or high school that teaches us how to care for and eat food properly. We just grow up doing what we saw our parents do. And for the most part, these kitchen and food practices were never questioned. The cereal goes on top of the fridge, the honey in the cupboard and the tomatoes in the fridge, right? Well, the cereal and the honey, yes.


Source: Twitter

But the tomatoes, no. Do you refrigerate your tomatoes? Well, you shouldn’t. In light of newfound food knowledge, this is a list of foods that should not be refrigerated and the reasons for it. I repeat, don’t refrigerate these foods!


Cold climates transform starch into sugar a lot sooner than warm ones do. Potato lovers, be mindful to store your potatoes in the pantry or on a shelf – anywhere that’s cool and dry but not cold.


Source: Twitter

You can still enjoy them boiled, mashed, or roasted, or any way you want. If you keep them in a cool and dry place, they’ll last longer and won’t turn too hard before cooking.