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“Sorry. We’re Closed”: Classic Food Restaurants That No Longer Exist

Malls, waterparks, clubs, and movie halls are some of the places that come into mind when we think of outdoor trips, but this wasn’t always the case.
There were times when these dominating buildings and fun parks were not typical. Those were the times when people preferred restaurants and burger joints for get-togethers. Unfortunately, with time, trends change, and most of these places disappeared into thin air. We kept moving on, but deep down, there are still memories of these places in many minds. There are untold stories of the rise and demise of many famous restaurants. You might remember the restaurant that you visited in your childhood, which then got shut and never opened again.


Source: Pinterest

Long before the era of smartphone applications and online ordering, these restaurants were a significant part of every life. They were the center for teenager hang-outs, couple romantic dinners and family get together. They served some of the most authentic tastes and witnessed the beginning of many life long bonds. We don’t know which were appreciated more, but we do know that all of these places are missed. Well, here are 40 such restaurants that were once the grand attraction of their customers and states but do not exist anymore. Some of these held more than a few hundred locations before they shut.