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The Unusual Food Trends That Baby Boomers Won’t Let Die

The baby boomer generation have proved to be influential and have really shaped the world that we know and love today. And while they have proved to be a positive influence for the world of business, economy and pop culture, they also gave us some pretty questionable processed food creations, unsightly dishes and fast food chains that just never seem to die.

The term Baby boomer refers to the generation were born in the 40s, 50s, and 60s after World War II. Their influence continued to shape the economic prosperity, food trends and youth culture of the 1960s and 70s. Life was much different back then. This generation could afford to buy a house on a middle-class income and eat whatever they wanted. While most of this generation are now entering retirement, they were never faced with millennial struggles like high rents, economic insecurity, health consciousness or concerns over the planet. So while they may be still stuck in the past, let’s take a look back at some of the craziest food trends that have ever existed.

Plain Toast

There are so many ways to eat toast. And while we are pretty used to seeing countless Instagram-worthy posts about #avocodotoast, there’s also plenty of other less hipster and flavorsome toppings you can choose.


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From melted mozzarella and tomato to roasted vegetables, grilled chicken, poached eggs or omelets, the topping possibilities are literally endless. If you’re still stumped about what to choose, just add butter. However, for the baby boomers, there’s no need to add any crazy toppings, when they’ve already found their classic choice: plain, dry, white, unflavored toast.