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Vegan Athletes. Did Avoiding Meat Help Their Careers?

A Growing Trend

Veganism has been around throughout history, with a plethora of cultures and religions who have practiced the diet. Not eating meat has been traced back all the way to 3300-1300 BCE in the subcontinent of India, particularly in northern and western India as well as Pakistan. At the time there was less emphasis on avoiding eggs, honey, or milk. Early Indian Philosophers such as Mahavira, and Acharya Kandukondain, as well as “Tamil” poet Valluvar, stayed far away from meat. Greek Philosophers who shaped the world such as Empedocles, Theophrastus, and Plotinus all would have had a heart attack had they seen the way humans eat in 2019. But there is hope! The topic of vegan eating is trending again, and people world over are learning about the benefits of the most popular diet in the world. Some of the world’s most prominent athletes are at the tip of the spear, setting the healthy eating example to our youth for many years to come. We made a list of who they are and why they did It!

Carl Lewis – Olympian

Carl Lewis is considered to be one of the greatest track athletes in the world. In the course of four Olympic games, he won nine (count them!) nine Gold Medals for Track and Field.


Photo by Jamie Lamor Thompson / Shutterstock.com

He very much credits his success to his vegetarian, and later on an entirely vegan diet. “I changed my diet to a vegan diet. … I set all my personal best records at 30 years old, as a vegetarian.” he said in an interview with Oprah.