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Cringe-Worthy Talk Show Moments from The Today Show

Have you ever watched something on live television and wondered, “was that as awkward in person as it was to watch?” I know I certainly have. Talk shows, late-night shows, daytime political chat – they all have the potential to make things on screen feel awkward, and they almost always give us something to talk about.

Bill Clinton / Megyn Kelly / Hoda Kotb / Hoda Kotb and Savannah Guthrie

Source: Getty Images

One of the longest-running morning news programs is the Today Show, which still airs to this day. The show has a history of producing stories that make viewers cringe. Through thick and thin, this program has managed to stay on air since 1952. The Today Show is a mixture of news and banter and has managed to have a ton of awkward moments for viewers to see.