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Hollywood Celebrities and Their Insane Net Worth

Yes, we all know that celebrities have insane net worths. Their movie and TV careers allow them to spend their money on fancy and even ridiculous things. But are you curious to know how much each celeb actually makes? Some can afford a lot more ridiculous things than others. See who we’re talking about…

Harrison Ford – $210M


Source: bramante-it.com

Harrison Ford famously started his career as a backstage carpenter, before landing the opportunity of a lifetime. Harris had his time to shine in the Indiana Jones movie franchise and Star Wars saga and has enjoyed a lengthy career in showbiz that has spanned five decades. It’s safe to say Harrison has come a long way from his carpeting days. The award-winning actor and director has amassed around $210 million and has splashed his cash on vintage classic cars and sprawling mansions. He has also married another talented actress, Calista Flockhart and is really living life to the fullest.