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It’s Always a Good Day on the Set of Happy Days

Pinky and Fonzie Were Meant to Last

The Season Four opener of Happy Days was a highly hyped event. The big news was that Fonzie was finally going to find true love with Leather Tuscadero’s older sister, Pinky. Roz Kelly was cast as Pinky after she caught ABC’s Fred Silverman’s eye and became somewhat of a pet project of his.


Source: happydays.fandom.com

Silverman envisioned a “female Fonzie,” who received a massive amount of press coverage in the summer of 1977. However, Kelly was a bit too brassy and abrasive for the cast’s taste. She frequently fought with producers as well as her fellow cast members, especially Henry Winkler. “I grew up on welfare, so I don’t relate to rich kids,” she said of Winkler, who studied at Yale. After three episodes, Pinky was quietly written out of the series.