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Major Hollywood Blunders That Only Die-Hard Fans Would Notice

For every Hollywood blockbuster, there are plenty of behind-the-scenes factors and visual elements involved. Since the goal for every film director is to ensure each scene runs seamlessly into the next, the backdrop, props, and wardrobe are key. It helps make the movie seem more authentic and helps set each scene. That’s why to make a medieval plot or period drama come to life, you would expect the production to have every detail perfected, also making sure the actors are wearing the costumes from those periods.

However, as we reveal all mistakes, even in the glamorous world of Hollywood productions, sometimes everything doesn’t go as smoothly as we expect it to. From wardrobe fails and scenic glitches to random props and surprises on the set, some of these may have slipped under the radar. However, being movie buffs, we’ve brushed up on our movie research, so let’s showcase the worst movie blunders in Hollywood history.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

When you’re wrapped up in a movie, it’s easy to focus on the main characters rather than the extras in the background. However, the extras help set the atmosphere and backdrop for the film. Many extras see it as their time to shine so you would expect them to blend in by wearing the costumes from that era.


Source: bearshares.com

In the action movie Raiders of the Lost Ark, most extras blend perfectly into the background tapestry and are dressed appropriately for the movie set in 1936 in Tunisia. Still, if you look a little closer, you’ll spot one extra strolling in the background in his jeans. We have nothing against jeans, it’s just you wouldn’t expect to see that in the 1930s in Tunisia.