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Sharon Stone Has Been Through Hell and Back

Not too long ago, Sharon Stone released her memoir, The Beauty of Living Twice, and it’s candid, to say the least. The A-lister decided it was high time to reveal who she truly is and what she had to go through to get where she is today. The A-list actress has been through it all – childhood trauma, near-death experiences, a stroke, losing custody of her child – and has survived it all to tell her story.

Faye Dunaway and Sharon Stone / Sharon Stone / Sharon Stone / Michael Douglas and Sharon Stone

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Stone is in a no-shame state by this point. She’s here to bare it all, this time with full awareness, which is something she hasn’t been privy to in the past. Like how a surgeon performed an enhancement procedure on her without her consent. Oh, and that infamous racy scene in Basic Instinct? Well, according to Stone, that was without her knowledge, too.