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Save Your Tears for the Pillow: Behind the Scenes of Dance Moms

Dance Moms is a Lifetime reality show that became an instant hit. It features the strict dance teacher, Abby Lee Miller, and her junior elite team. The show follows the dancers, giving viewers a peek into the world of competitive dance. Dance Mom’s showcases the talented dancers, but most of the attention goes to their mothers. It is pretty entertaining to watch grown women fight like dramatic teenagers over whose daughter is better.


Photo by Broadimage, Shutterstock / Broadimage, Shutterstock

As you probably already know, things aren’t the way they seem on reality TV. The girls suffer an immense amount of pressure and criticism, and so do their mothers. Maddie Ziegler was clearly Abby’s favorite, which added tension, but the producers know how to stir things up. They instigate situations for more drama. Since leaving the show, some former ALDC dancers revealed the truth. Here are some backstage secrets about Dance Moms that they don’t show you on TV.