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The Reality Show ‘Eden’ Was Anything but a Heavenly Experience

Okay, so imagine signing up for a reality show in which you and a bunch of other contestants are to be stranded in the wilderness for a year. It’s essentially a social experiment without the incentive of earning a cash prize. Let’s say you begin the journey, only to find yourself fighting with the others and eating things like chicken feed just to survive. Now, what would you do if, after a year of this journey, you make it out alive only to discover that the very show that put you in this scenario was canceled months prior?


Source: Twitter / @Eden_C4s

Yeah, you would be more than upset, wouldn’t you? Well, this is exactly what happened to a group of people in the UK in 2016. The British reality show Eden set 23 men and women up in the Scottish Highlands. But once they canceled the show, the participants were largely kept in the dark.

This is the story of reality TV’s wildest disaster.