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They Went From Riches to Rags: How the Vanderbilts Lost It All

A Famous Art Collector

Another prominent Vanderbilt offspring is John Wilmerding, who has had a massive influence in the world of contemporary art. Despite not being a Hollywood celebrity like some of his cousins, Wilmerding is recognized for his contributions to the art field. He is a true lover of the arts and is currently working as a successful art professor, art curator, and art collector.


John Wilmerding. Source: Pinterest

His impressive collection contains some substantial pieces: “The Chaperone” by Thomas Eakins, “The Newbury Marshes” by Martin Johnson Heade, and the “Mississippi Boarman” by George Caleb Bingham, are just a few of the artwork included in his remarkable collection. Thanks to his contribution to art history, in 2016, a fund was established in his honor.