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When Four’s a Crowd: Sister Wives Stars Speak Out About the Marriage

When it comes to reality TV, the most interesting and successful ones are those that give us a glimpse into the lives and situations that most people don’t really relate to. That’s exactly what’s happening with TLC’s Sister Wives, which has been giving us monogamous folk a peek into what it’s like to live a polygamous life (since it started in 2010). The show centers on Kody Brown and his four wives, Meri, Janelle, Christine, and Robyn.


Source: TLC / Instagram / TLC / Instagram

51-year-old Kody is only legally married to one of those wives, though, which is why he calls the rest his “sister wives” – the term for polygamous wives – his “spiritual” wives. They have been living happily together for quite a while now. There’s no shortage of drama – there are 18 kids in total – which means there are some secrets to be kept (and thus revealed).

This is the Brown family…