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Aluminum Foil Hacks: All the Ways That This Foil Can Change Your Life

Keep Your Sleeping Bag Dry

You’re camping with your family, and you want to go to sleep after a long day. As it turns out, tight sleeping bags can cause extra sweating during the night. But you wouldn’t want that extra moisture to attract wildlife, like bears. So the simple solution is to lay a long piece of tin foil under yourself when you go to bed in the tent. It will act as an insulator against any additional moisture. This way, you’ll get a good night’s sleep and wake up dry!


Source: Shutterstock.com

Random sleeping bag fact: Women’s sleeping bags tend to have more insulation than men’s or even unisex sleeping bags. Why? Men produce more body heat than women. A warmer bag helps women stay more comfortable on cold camping nights. The extra insulation is usually found around the feet and the torso of her sleeping bag.