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Graphic Design Wins: What are the Top 40 Food Package Designs of 2019?

Ever since the industrial revolution, graphic design has been evolving and growing to be an essential part of industrial packaging of any products, from foods and snacks to wines and spirits. Ever industry out there today has many competitors who all want to stand out. A good food design can cost a company hundreds of thousands of dollars sometimes, but it can also mean the difference between international success or failure. We have gathered some of the best food, beverage, and sweets not for their flavor, but the way they’re packaging itself is illustrated. Let us know what you think, or if there is anything you would have added to the list!

Re-Use & Let Live

Products today have lots of fancy packaging. However, many of these product packages carry with them a large carbon footprint and don’t have much use to them once opened.


Source: maksimarbuzov.com

I really like this wine case. Not just because of its sleek design, but more so because it can be easily re-purposed into a very functional birdhouse making it not only a gift to your spouse or parent but a gift to nature as well!