How to Up Your Duct Tape Game: 34 Little-Known Duct Tape Hacks

Duct tape may seem like a simple household toolbox item that we use. However, in the right hands, one can do things that you could never imagine with a roll of duct. Okay, maybe I am over exaggerating this a little bit. This list is not going to solve all your problems, but you may learn a thing or two about duct tape, and you will for sure have a laugh at how cheap people can get and at what lengths they will tape something as not to buy something new.

Opening Jars

Everyone has come across those pesky situations where you find yourself using all the force within your body to try to open a jar of olives. The best-case scenario is that after hours of struggle, you finally got the jar opened, and the worst-case scenario is you getting a hernia.

Source: YouTube

Try out this simple hack and see if you can either rip the skin off your fingers or get that jar open.

Shoe Grips

This is not a hack for someone who has any type of image to protect, but if you are not someone who cannot afford a new pair of shoes, and you got invited to dinner, or a wedding, and don’t want to slip on your worn out heels, then this grip hack is perfect for you.


I personally think this hack is only relevant if there is no Payless or Walmart in town.

DIY Shirts

Has your back to school funding been liquidated already on expensive school books, and colored pencils? Did you forget to buy your kids a new wardrobe for class to impress their friends? Well, no trouble here.


Try using duct tape to design your own shirt stencil and come up with a fresh, original back to school design of your own!

Find a Relief

Warts are very uncomfortable, and if they are not in a place where people can see them, it only means that they exist in an area that’s going to cause you more pain. It’s already a gross situation, so who cares how you get rid of it!


Get yourself a strip of duct tape, and rip it right off! Ahh, what a relief.

Putting on the Pressure

Okay, this is not verified personally by me, but it seems to be making its mark online. Apparently, duct tape can keep your popped tire from losing too much air.


So, if you find yourself cruising down root 66 and seem to be losing too much tire pressure, see if you have some duct tape in your trunk, and make it happen.

Expensive Hacks

Okay, so this hack is not for the faint-hearted. It requires a handy can-do attitude, some know-how, and most likely a couple of miles of duct tape as well. However, if you know your way around building, and want to get the kids away from that tablet screen, this can be a great family project.


I would not try to use it to impress people in the local harbor though, but duct tape does float. So, there is no reason a duct tape canoe wouldn’t!

More Cheap People Hacks

Many cheap people have one thing in common. When they do buy something, they buy it in bulk, and when they run out of something, they are not buying more unless it means they can buy that in bulk too. Did you buy too much duct tape, but ran out of hair rollers.


Make your own by applying the duct tape to the paint roller in your garage. Just don’t let your neighbors catch you doing it. They may think you’re crazy!

Homemade Sled

There are only two or at best three reasons someone may ever have the urge to make a sled out of duct tape. The first is their kids like to do creative activities, the second is you are so poor that you can’t even buy one at a dollar store.

Source: YouTube

The third is your car got snowed in, but your kids want to go sledding on the local park hilltop.

Rainy Shoes

These are obviously by shape a pair of Asian shoes, only these Asian shoes are wrapped in duct tape. Why do you ask? Rainy season is a very tough time for many people who live in places like southeast Asia, and the majority of people living there make meager wages, there for buying a pair of waterproof shoes on Amazon is out of the question, and in an emergency, when you need to save the only pair of shoes you own, I could understand this being the solution.


If you do this for any other reason, then there is something wrong with you.

Fitting Your Dress

Are you too cheap too, or can’t afford to get a dress suited to your precise size? Well, we have great news for you then. Just apply duct tape over your body and use that outline to be able to make yourself a custom dress.


WARNING, this is not a hack for cheap parents who don’t want to buy the bride a traditional wedding dress, that is unless you don’t value your relationship with your kids.

Fear of Doctors

If you cringe and hide in your room every time you need to go to a doctor or have an anxiety attack at just the thought of it, then chances are you have a mental medical condition called latrophobia.


Latrophobia is a fear of doctors, and people who suffer from it come up with their own interesting ideas to deal with a broken arm just like this one.


Despite how ridiculous this looks; this hack is actually very effective in the event that you come across an injured person in a natural disaster.


One of the most important things you can do for a person that is wounded is getting them safely on a stretcher in the event that there are no more left at your disposal, make one out of duct tape!

Sleepy Time

Duct tape can hold a lot of weight if you know how to use it right. And if you pull this one off well enough, then it may feel comfortable, and no one will notice how cheap you are. Just don’t lay on this on a sunny day though.


Duct tape is also a heat insulator and will get very hot basking out in the sun.

Hanging Clothes

Have you just moved into a new home? No washer and dry in the house yet? Did you forget to buy a simple clothes hanger and its Sunday night?


No worry’s, just stick a roll of duct tape from end to end outside, and you can hang your clothes to dry no problem.

Making a Cup

Okay, this one I have actually done before as a young soldier. Sometimes you find yourself preparing a cup of coffee out in the field, and you forgot to bring cups with you.


At least that was my story, and you know what they say. “When there’s a will there’s a way!”

Refugee Hacks

Did your country just go through a revolution? Is there a war waging right down the street? Chances are in this situation you are heading your way towards a refugee camp.

Source: YouTube

If that’s the case, then don’t forget to bring some duct tape with you so you can cover the holes in those worn out old tents the extremely effective United Nations provided you with.

Hand Bag

This could either go really well if you have the creative talent to get it done, or it can also be an absolute disaster.


Just promise yourself not to try anything like this unless you are so poor you can’t buy a bag, or unusually creative you can make a duct tape bag look like a work of art.

Water Proof People Pillows

If you go on Amazon, there are many waterproof pillows available for you to buy for a decent price to put out in your front porch.


But some people around the world have to work 9 to 5 hours just to make enough to buy bread, and hey, they deserve some luxury pillows too!

More Self Doctoring

Here is yet another case of a person who is too scared to go to the doctor after suffering a deep cut to their arm. Or maybe they just needed a temporary solution until they could get to the hospital for stitches.


I’m not sure the chemicals in duct tape are safe to apply to an open wound. Let’s put this hack under our list of never again hacks and just move on.

Phone Pouch

Are you an overly organized person who still owns an iPhone four? Forget the new expensive Apple products on the market, you probably stole that phone from your neighbors anyway.


If you went that far then just go a bit farther and steel their duct tape so you can make yourself a beautiful charging station next to the wall outlet.


Okay, so this hack is actually a prevalent one. Nine out of ten chances are that you have the same suitcase as someone else on the plane.


So, by all means, stick a colorful strip of tape on that suitcase handle, so no one accidentally picks your bag from the queue, and then fly’s off to Timbuctoo.

Prom King & Queen

Have you always dreamt of becoming of winning the homecoming queen prize at your local high school?


If you’re in a situation where you need to duct tape your dress and suit on you for prom. Then you can probably just keep dreaming because it’s not going to happen, but you make into the circus.

Circus Queen

Now here is an excellent example of two people who instead of trying to fit in, embraced the inner duct tape circus dancer that they really are.

Source: YouTube

In all cases, I do not recommend making clothes out something that you then have to rip off your skin, not to mention sweat in!

Dead Heads

These two seem to have either planned to go see the Dead & Co, Coachella, or Magna Ball festival.


Hey, we thought initially that it would be a good idea,” but it wasn’t, at best you perspired so much under all that tape that it all just peeled off. Stop people really!

Poor People Costumes

Let’s be honest, not every parent can afford to give their children a fresh new costume to impress their friends with on Halloween, but that doesn’t mean they can’t give their friends a laugh, and get a creativity point or two for trying.


Also, the lunch ladies will notice how poor your son is and give him extra food free of charge at lunchtime.

Breaking Bad

Making wall art out of duct tape is a great idea, and I’m sure that if the artist applied some sort of self-criticism to his piece, and made improvements, then this thing would have been worth something.


Sadly it is very unpleasing to the eye and needs to come down. Can you do better?

Lawn Chairs

Hey, guys! I have a great idea. Let’s take ultra-heat insulating duct tape and take the time to set it nicely on an old rusty chair frame, and then we have an extra lawn chair on the beach!”


Great idea, only you are going to burn your butt like a fried egg if that thing sits out in the sun!

More Counter Productiveness

This hat should be used for everything and anything except for blocking your head from the sun.


I mean really, you can use it as a toilet for all I care, but if you go out on the beach with this thing on your head, you will get heatstroke faster than you can say “Surfing USA.”

Lunch Boxes

Being a child and opening up your lunchbox is always a fun experience. It’s that time where you can open yourself a box full of food that was made with love my mom and dad that reminds you how much they care.


However, if you are getting this as your lunch packaging, it’s a clear sign that your parents don’t love you!

Pencil Cases

Okay, so part of me really does not want to hate this idea, not that it doesn’t look bad because it looks hideous. But schools have a lot of hutzpa for requiring kids to walk around with pencil case all day.


So instead of buying one, you can make one and save the money to buy more duct tape.

What Kind of Sorcery is this?

This person actually had a chip on their shoulder with this very appealing hack of being able to seal any open lid in your tool shed, while simultaneously hanging it on the wall.

Source: YouTube

I may actually try this one out myself when the time presents itself.

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