Toothpaste as a Screen Protector and Other Amazing Toothpaste Hacks

Toothpaste can be beneficial in many situations other than brushing your teeth. Toothpaste is an essential item that is always in the house. Therefore, toothpaste is a very convenient go-to item in urgent situations.

Toothpaste being squeezed on an iron

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The things you can do with toothpaste may surprise you. From clearing up your skin to cleaning up your house, you can use this item more often than you think. Check out 40 surprising ways toothpaste can make your life easier.

Make Scratched CDs Work Again

Do you remember when CDs or DVDs got scratched, and they would keep skipping? No matter how many times we tried to clean them, we couldn’t get them to work! Surprisingly enough, we could have just used toothpaste the entire time!

Applying toothpaste to a scratched CD

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Most people don’t use CDs anymore, but if you find an old one and want to reminisce, you can just clean it with toothpaste! I wish I knew this trick when my little brother scratched my Britney Spears CD!

Make Your Shoes White Again

Everyone loves brand new white shoes! The obvious problem is how dirty they get after just wearing them a couple of times. You no longer have to worry about that because toothpaste can get them clean!

Cleaning white shoes with a toothbrush and toothpaste

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Make sure that you don’t use color or gel. Just apply regular white toothpaste and rub it on the dirty areas; your shoes will feel brand new again!

Block Out Stinky Smells

If you are ever taking out the trash or changing a diaper, sometimes the smell can be unbearable! This may sound strange, but putting two drops of toothpaste in your nostrils can block out bad smells.

A girl with toothpaste on her nose

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The strong smell of toothpaste will distract your sense of smell and overpower almost any scent! This hack even works with smells as bad a skunks!

Relieves Itchy Bites

We all know what it’s like to be covered in mosquito bites. Whether we’re on a camping trip or even just relaxing at home, we have to deal with the infuriating itching! Although we can’t always avoid the bites, we can help them using toothpaste.

Someone scratching a mosquito bite

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By applying toothpaste on any bug bite, it will almost immediately relieve the itching. Since toothpaste contains a powerful menthol ingredient, it cools down your skin overpowering the itchy feeling. This is a very convenient hack that can be helpful to everyone!

Gives you Healthy and Beautiful Nails

Toothpaste is a perfect way to protect your nails without spending so much money on manicures. All you need is a toothbrush and toothpaste. You just scrub it over and underneath your fingernails.

Using toothbrush to put toothpaste on nails

Source: Nailcenter

Over time, this helps your nails become stronger, longer, and even healthier. This is the perfect way to keep your nails clean and strong without leaving the house.

Removes Sticky Gum from Your Hair

Ever since I was a little kid, my biggest fear was getting gum in my hair and having to chop it all off. Luckily, this is no longer something I have to worry about. All you have to do it put toothpaste in your hair too!

A man with a lot of sticky gum out of his hair

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I know it sounds like this can make the situation worse, but the toothpaste breaks down the sugar in the gum. After leaving the toothpaste in for a few minutes, it will no longer be sticky, and you can just pull it right out!

Style Your Hair

Although toothpaste might seem like a white sticky substance that you don’t want anywhere near your hair, it can essentially double as a hair product. This is a hack I wish I knew!

A boy putting toothpaste in his hair

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Surprisingly, toothpaste is made with some of the same products as hair gel and helps keep hair in place. Next time you’re running late and out of hair product, don’t worry! Use toothpaste instead!

Cleans Crayons off the Wall

Every kid loves to color! The only problem is when they don’t keep it on the paper. Most children color on the wall at some point, frustrating their parents because of how hard it is to get off.

A mother using toothpaste to get crayon off of the wall

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Parents don’t need to be concerned about that anymore! You don’t need to pay a cleaner or painter. Instead, smear toothpaste on the wall, and rub it off with a wet rag.

Cleans Dirty Plastic Furniture

We all know the struggle of keeping outside furniture clean. No matter how hard we try, with rain and wind, the plastic furniture gets so dirty! It almost seems like nothing will help clean it.

A woman cleaning a chair outside

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Mix toothpaste and water, and you don’t need furniture cleaner. As long as its plastic furniture, this combo should get it right out. It also completely gets rid of the stains and makes the furniture look brand new.

Use it as Wall Glue to Decorate

We all love to decorate our walls with pictures! Tape usually falls off, and anything else may damage the wall. Toothpaste will once again solve your problems, use it as wall glue!

Applying toothpaste on a picture frame

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Put the toothpaste on the back of the picture and simply glue it to the wall. The pictures will now be more secure against the wall than before and can easily be taken down at any time!

Doubles as Nail Polish Remover

Nail polish remover can be an easy thing to forget to buy. Sometimes it’s on the shopping list, and we still forget it! Luckily, as long as you have toothpaste and lemon at home, you don’t need it!

Nails covered in toothpaste and a toothpaste tube

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The toothpaste and lemon mixture works as a nail polish remover by merely brushing it away! Next time you ladies run out of nail polish remover don’t panic and try this hack!

Brings Back the Sparkle into Your Life

We all have jewelry that we love, but after some time, it starts to lose its shine. Another problem solved with, you guessed it, toothpaste! Once again, toothpaste can help and bring the sparkle back into your old jewelry.

Applying toothpaste on a ring

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All you have to do is scrub with toothpaste and rinse with hot water. You may have to try it a few times, but it will ultimately restore the original glow back into your jewelry. This includes diamonds and almost everything in your Jewelry box (with the exception of pearls).

Baby Bottle Sanitizer

Anyone who’s been around babies for long enough knows how bad their bottles start to smell. No matter how many times you clean them, the baby formula gives a sour milk odor to the bottle after prolonged use.

Baby bottles on a drying rack

Source: Bambino

This hack is perfect for new parents! Instead of throwing out the bottles to buy fresh ones, you can get the smell out by washing it with toothpaste and some water! Doing this trick will not only deodorize the bottles but will leave them looking shiny as well.

Pest Control

Surprisingly enough toothpaste can be used to deter insects. We all know the struggle of finding cockroaches and having to deal with them until the exterminator shows up.

Toothpaste spilling on the floor

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Toothpaste can prevent these pests, including mice from showing up in your home. You simply rub the toothpaste on the baseboards of your wall, and anywhere else these pests can come from. They hate the smell so much that it will just turn them away.

Helps Remove Those Big Red Pimples

We have all been there, a huge pimple the day before picture day. Pimples take a few days to go away, and when one is in the middle of your face, it can affect your self-esteem. This is where toothpaste can give you a confidence boost!

Toothpaste on a woman’s face

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The strong ingredients that toothpaste consists of causes it to dry out your pimples. You simply cover the pimple with toothpaste overnight. In the morning, the redness should disappear, and the pimple will either be much smaller or completely gone. So next time you have a pimple the day before a date, don’t freak out and try out this trick!

Cleans up Messy Hair Dye

Okay, ladies, we’ve all been there! Trying to dye hair at home and making a complete mess! Your hands and bathroom all match the color of your hair! Since it is permanent hair dye, it’s seemingly impossible to get out.

A sink that’s messy with purple hair dye

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Luckily toothpaste can get hair dye off of almost everything. It will instantly come off of your body, and you can definitely use it to clean up your bathroom sink as well! Next time you dye your hair at home, make sure you have some toothpaste lying around.

Cleans Germs off Your Cellphone

Sometimes it’s hard to keep our phones clean because we are constantly using them. Shockingly, your cellphone is covered in more bacteria than a toilet seat! For this reason, it’s important to sanitize your phone every once a while to stay healthy.

 Applying toothpaste on phone screen

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You simply spread a thin amount of toothpaste on your screen and gently wipe it with a tissue. Not only is this an easy way to keep the germs away, but it even doubles as a screen protector! The toothpaste will remove little scratches on your phone screen and help prevent new ones.

Clears up Those Foggy Glasses

Everyone who’s ever had glasses knows how annoying it is when they get foggy and dirty. You need to go out of your way to find some expensive cleaner so that you can see. Now you can avoid all of the stress and just use toothpaste!

A tube of toothpaste under a pair of glasses

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It’s simple. You use a tiny drop of white toothpaste on both sides of the lenses. Make sure it’s not a gel toothpaste, and it will polish your glasses and prevent them from fogging up. This hack works with goggles as well!

Fun Holiday Winter Paint

This is a fun one for all the holiday lovers! If you’re like me and love to decorate your house for the winter holidays, you probably love to decorate your windows using white window paint. Try drawing on the windows with toothpaste!

painting winter decorations on the window

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It works much better than window paint. The toothpaste texture seems to make the white brighter, and it looks stunning from both sides of the window. The best part is, when you finally wipe it off, it will leave your windows cleaner and shinier than before.

Look Young Again

Not only does toothpaste help dry out pimples, but it can also be used to reduce wrinkles! Toothpaste contains Zinc, a chemical element with strong antioxidant capabilities.

A woman laying down with half of her face covered in toothpaste

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Our body naturally contains a certain amount of zinc, but it reduces with age. Since Zinc contains anti-aging benefits, applying toothpaste on your skin will reduce wrinkles and even fade the dark marks from your skin.

Gets off Those Coffee Ring Stains

It’s hard to keep the furniture perfectly clean at all times. Most of the time, we don’t even know how it got dirty. It can come from something as simple as not using coasters. Hot beverages or pans directly on the table cause ring stains that can be very irritating to get off.

A gloved hand cleaning a coffee table.

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No need to worry! Just as toothpaste removed coffee stains from your teeth, it can remove them from furniture as well. Add baking soda to the toothpaste, and it will even work on wood!

Will Polish Your Headlights

Are your car headlights looking foggy? This is usually something most people don’t notice or worry about. Who’s going to go and spend money to get their headlights cleaned? But what if you don’t have to?

A shiny headlight being cleaned

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Toothpaste cleans and eliminates the haze and fog. Simply combine water and toothpaste on a washcloth. Gently scrub the headlights, and they will quickly change from foggy to sparkling! Your car will look brand new!

Whitens Those Yellow Refrigerator seals

We always want to keep our refrigerators clean. After all, that’s where we keep our food. That’s why it’s so frustrating when the refrigerator seal turns yellow. Sadly, there is not much we can do to prevent that, but a toothbrush and toothpaste can help solve the problem!

A hand holding a toothbrush and opening a refrigerator seal.

Source: TheJoyfulwife

The refrigerator seals have a sticky texture for the purpose of opening and closing the refrigerator. Naturally, dust and dirt will stick to it, causing it to turn yellow over time. This toothpaste hack works the same way it works in our mouth. The toothbrush cleans out the dirt while the toothpaste whitens it.

Use it Instead of Carpet Cleaner

Carpet stains are a nightmare to get out! Carpet cleaner can be so expensive, and if you can’t afford it, you can’t get rid of the stains. Well, what if there is a much easier and cheaper way to clean them? It’s hard to believe that something like toothpaste can remove stains!

toothpaste being cleaned off the carpet

Source: Wikihow

My first thought is that this clumpy white paste will only make the stain worse. Remarkably, this actually works really well! Mix a tiny bit of toothpaste with water, as soon as mixture becomes foamy, use it as a carpet cleaner. The results will shock you!

Long Lasting Match

Most people use lighters these days, but matches can be useful in emergency situations. If you want the match to last longer than usual, this is very possible as long as you have toothpaste.

a match being about to be dipped into a tube of toothpaste

Source: Africanreporter

All you have to do is put the heads of the matches in toothpaste. You then you dip them in water before wiping off the toothpaste. When you light up the match, not only is does the flame last longer but it’s also much bigger.

Erases Your Blackheads

We already know that toothpaste helps dry out pimples, but it can also easily wipe away blackheads! This simple method takes just a few minutes and gives great results.

A woman putting toothpaste on her face using a toothbrush.

Source: Newstracklive

Toothpaste contains Calcium carbonate; this mineral is actually why toothpaste is so effective in removing blackheads. All you need to do is apply toothpaste to the areas affected by blackheads. Keep it there for about 2-5 minutes and then wash your face as you normally would. Your skin will instantly feel softer with no effort!

Gets the Gunk out of Your Hair Iron

Straightening hair can be really convenient. It makes getting ready fast and easy. The problem is after long term use, it gets so dirty! The built-up oil and hairspray can decay the effectiveness of the hair iron.

cleaning hair straightener with soft cloth.

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Toothpaste will help remove these stubborn stains from the straightener. All you have to do is put toothpaste on the hair iron and then clean it off with a wet cloth. Remember, keeping your hair iron clean will increase its long term efficiency.

Minty Fresh Car

Do you ever have a date to pick up but your car smells bad? Maybe something spilled or you forgot food in there. Either way, you need to get the smell out of there and fast! This is where toothpaste can be very helpful!

A lot of tubes of toothpaste on the ground next to a car.

Source: YouTube

Just wrap a little toothpaste in a napkin and put it in your car. As long as all the doors and windows are shut, the scent will quickly fill up the car. This Hack will make your car smell minty fresh in minutes!

Hair Glue For Babies

Bows feel impossible to keep in baby’s hair! Sometimes they move their head too much so we can’t tie it correctly, and other times they simply rip it out themselves. Either way, it’s a safe bet that these bows will eventually fall out. This is where toothpaste comes in!

A baby with two bows in her hair

Source: Shutterstock

Similarly to hair gel, toothpaste is sticky enough to style hair but still washes out safely. Just use it as glue and notice how much longer the bows will stick!

Spackle up the Walls

Ever get little irritating holes in your wall? No time or energy for spackle and paint job? You have nothing to worry about; just use toothpaste!

a tube of toothpaste being held next to a wall with two screw holes

Source: Wonderhowto

Just put some toothpaste in the hole, and you will instantly see a difference. The holes will disappear, and the toothpaste is barely noticeable! This is a good trick to use if you’re having guests over or moving apartments. I can’t wait to go home and try this one!

Use it as white out

Before computers, all students knew the struggle of writing down notes in class! Pencils obviously have erasers, but if we mess up with pens, we need white out… or toothpaste.

Whiteout being used

Source: Itnews

A drop of white toothpaste will stick to the paper, covering the ink, just like white out. I wish I knew this in 5th grade instead of rewriting a whole page because I ran out of white-out!

Relieves Painful Burns

Toothpaste is known to relieve bug bites and dry out pimples. It has positive effects on the skin and even can even help relieve minor burns.

A hand with toothpaste on it, covering a burn.

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Next time you burn yourself on a stove top or hair iron, try applying toothpaste. The strong menthol ingredient will immediately relieve the pain. Not only will it get rid of the pain, but the cooling effect can actually avoid scarring.

Shines up Your Piano

Depending on how often you use it, a piano can get dirty over time. Like everything else, pianos collect dust, and after a while, the keys just don’t look as white anymore. This can easily be solved with toothpaste.

Piano being cleaned with a toothbrush

Source: WordPress

Apply toothpaste on a damp brush and clean in between the keys. This will clean your piano from built-up dirt and will make the keys whiter as well. This hack works with all pianos and keyboards, including plastic ones.

Sparkly Mirror

After a refreshing hot shower, our mirrors tend to fog up. The moisture and water particles stick to the glass creating fog. After a while, the fog builds up and can no longer be wiped off. Once again, toothpaste can save the day.

“got fog” written in toothpaste on a mirror.

Source: BlogSpot

Smearing toothpaste over the mirror will not only clear up the built-up fog, but will also prevent future fog build up. You may not even notice that your mirror has built up fog until you try this. This works so well and will instantly make your mirror shinier!

Get rid of Those Stubborn Stains

Do you even get a stain that just won’t come out? Toothpaste is the perfect component to remove stains from clothes. It can remove permanent marker, makeup, wine stains, and much more.

A clean white shirt coming out of the washing machine

Source: Lovetoknow

Cover the stain with toothpaste and fold over the clothing. You then simply rub it against the fabric for a few minutes. Rinse it out with warm water before throwing it in the washing machine. This trick works especially with white clothes!

Buff Auto scratches

Getting a scratch on your car is always so disappointing. No matter how small it is, you always notice it because it won’t go away! What if this little scratch can stop haunting you with nothing but toothpaste?

Fixing scuff marks on a car with toothpaste and a sponge

Source: Pakwheels

The ingredients and texture of toothpaste actually give it the power to get rid of these scratches and scuff marks. Simply apply toothpaste on a soft towel and use it to erase the scratches. This is an easy hack with very little work involved.

Sparkly Bathroom

We all love a clean bathroom! After all, that’s where we shower and clean ourselves, so naturally, we want it to look and fresh. Did you know that toothpaste can clean better than some actual bathroom cleaners?

bathroom floor being cleaned with a toothbrush

Source: Foreverymom

All you need to do is apply some toothpaste on a sponge and scrub. This will remove soap scum buildup, polish the shower fixers, and whiten your toilet and sink. This is a life-changing hack that you can use right now.

Clean Computer Keyboard

Every so often we all start to notice some built up dust in between our computer keys. With the amount of time, we spend on the computer. Eventually, the keys become oily and dirty. This can be easily cleaned with the help of some toothpaste.

A tube of toothpaste and toothbrush on a computer keyboard

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Put some toothpaste on a damp toothbrush and simply brush it through the keys. It will immediately alleviate the amount of dirt. If you happen to have white computer keys, this trick will also whiten them.

Make Your Bruises disappear

We all get bruises whether it’s from activities, sports or just being clumsy. There isn’t much we can do to avoid bruises, but there is a way we can make them go away using toothpaste!

kid with a Band-Aid on his knee

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Put some toothpaste on the bruise and cover it with a band-aid. This is best if done overnight and washed off in the morning. The ingredients in toothpaste are actually able to break the blood clot. This reduces swelling, which helps get rid of the bruise.

Leather Repair

Do you ever get small rips or scuff marks on leather shoes? Whenever this happens to me, I think I ruined my shoes, so I throw them out. This is because I didn’t know toothpaste can fix it!

before and after pictures of damaged leather chair

Source: YouTube

A tear in leather doesn’t automatically mean you need a replacement. First, try to rub some toothpaste on it with a dry cloth and then wipe it off with a damp cloth. This trick can save your leather shoes, wallet and even jackets!

Brushing your Teeth

Yes, you can even use toothpaste to brush your teeth! There are so many things I can use toothpaste for that I almost forgot why it was created! Still, it’s important to use toothpaste for the purpose of brushing your teeth.

A smiling boy brushing his teeth

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Brushing your teeth twice has many positive benefits; it gets rid of bad breath, removes plaque, and even makes your teeth whiter! Health risks such as gum disease can occur without brushing. Show off your smile and don’t forget to floss!

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