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Toothpaste as a Screen Protector and Other Amazing Toothpaste Hacks

Buff Auto scratches

Getting a scratch on your car is always so disappointing. No matter how small it is, you always notice it because it won’t go away! What if this little scratch can stop haunting you with nothing but toothpaste? The ingredients and texture of toothpaste actually give it the power to get rid of these scratches and scuff marks. Simply apply toothpaste on a soft towel and use it to erase the scratches. This is an easy hack with very little work involved.


Source: Pakwheels

The difference in the new model was that it had multiple soft, flat-ended nylon bristles. Huston claimed during the filing process that this brush was less tough on tooth enamel and worked better for massaging the gums. He also stated that it’s better at picking up tooth powder than any other brushes that were available at the time.