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Verified! The Best Seniors Discounts in the Country

There’s something about being 55 and older that gets you all kinds of discounts that younger folk just aren’t privy to. At least it’s one bonus of getting older! From cruises and movie theaters to supermarkets and restaurants, there are all kinds of senior’s discounts from countless companies.

These are the best senior discounts, all verified might I add, that every senior should not only know about and use, but also spread the word! What’s great about this list is that you’ll be surprised by how many items and services you’re entitled to get a discount for! See which companies offer what, what the minimum age limit is, and how much percent you get off.

Carnival and Royal Caribbean Cruises: Discounts for Ages 55 and Up

Carnival is one of the most well-known and reputable cruise lines that has all kinds of 24 cruise ships, taking millions of passengers every year on 3- to 16-day trips. There are all kinds of destinations, like Mexico, Alaska, and the Mediterranean.


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Royal Caribbean is another huge cruise company which offers cruise passengers activities like rock climbing, ice skating, and even surfing at sea. Both Carnival and Royal Caribbean have discounted fares for seniors aged 55 and up on certain ships and trips. Carnival has a special web page that lists its special rates for seniors for various cruises.