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WD-40: 40 Amazing Ways to Use It so You Can Be like MacGyver

Did you know that WD-40 (Water Displacement, 40th formula) has a lot more uses than just fixing squeaky hinges, preventing rust, and displacing moisture?

While the substance is popular for being common in American households, their versatility is still unknown to some individuals. WD-40 was made way back in 1953 to prevent a missile from rust and corrosion. But then it was found that it acts as one of the most useful tools in your home maintenance arsenal.


Source: Shutterstock.com

Whether you are looking to repel insects and roaches, remove tough scuff marks, clean toilet bowl or wipe away the tea stains, WD-40 comes to your rescue.

Well, the applications don’t end here. This substance is also perfect for getting off that stuck ring, winter-proof shoes, clean license plates, loosen the zippers, keeping the squirrels off the bird feeder, and a lot more uses.

Although handymen and mechanists mainly use this substance, it also works ideal for you; if you don’t want tons of products on your cleaning shelf.

So, if you have WD-40 lying in the garage, here are 40 amazing ways on how you can use it.