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A Look into the Life of Hollywood’s Pretty Woman: Julia Roberts

I know it’s hard to believe, but Julia Roberts has been a Hollywood icon for three decades. She was dominating movies all through the 90s and was the highest-paid actress at a certain point. She is obviously talented, but there is way more to this Hollywood powerhouse than what meets the eye. Do you ever wonder what led Roberts to acting? Or what her life was like before all the fame and fortune?


Photo by Snap, Shutterstock.com / Zade Rosenthal, Tri-Star, Kobal, Shutterstock.com / Anthony Harvey, Shutterstock.com / Columbia, Kobal, Shutterstock.com

To most people, Julia Roberts will always be Vivian from Pretty Woman. Although she played a prostitute, it was an iconic role that gained the actress extreme recognition. You may also remember her from Notting Hill, the ultimate rom-com from the 90s. This talented beauty has had a successful career and won numerous awards, but there are still a few things you may not know about her.

Check out some interesting facts about the one and only Julia Roberts.