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A Student’s Life Brutally Taken by Four Teenaged Girls


Shanda Sharer was an ordinary but beautiful young girl from Indiana who unfortunately didn’t make it past her 12th birthday. Why? Because a group of older teenaged girls decided that they could take Shanda’s life into their own hands and do as they please. Don’t worry, these girls got what was coming for them. Still, their punishments would never bring Shanda back to her loving family.

Source: Tumblr

When it comes to brutal and inexplainable cases like these, we have to wonder: why on earth would someone want to abduct, torture, and kill an innocent 12-year-old student? What’s even more baffling is the motive these teenagers had.

This is the upsetting, tragic, and unforgettable story of Shanda Sharer and the girls who took her life.

Shanda Sharer Was a Bubbly 12-Year-Old Girl

Back in 1991, Shanda Sharer was a bubbly 12-year-old girl. Her family was from Kentucky, but after her parents divorced, her mother remarried and moved the family to Louisville. During fifth and sixth grade, Shanda was on the cheerleading, volleyball, and softball teams at her school. Then her mother divorced again, and it was time to relocate once more, this time to New Albany, Indiana.

A portrait of Shanda Sharer.

Source: Tumblr

In June 1991, around her 12th birthday, Shanda and her mom moved to New Albany so that she could see her dad more often. There was a lot of moving around and relocating, but at least Shanda had a close relationship with both her parents, as well as her stepmom Sharon.