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Above the Clouds: The Incredible Story of Matt Moniz

Matt Moniz is no regular kid from Colorado. At the age of 9, after spending his early years enjoying the great outdoors with his adventurous family, he set his sights on the world’s tallest mountain – Everest – and decided there and then that he would, one day, reach the summit. However, what started off as a young boy’s ambitious dream became a complicated – and often, extremely challenging – journey that occupied more than a decade of his life.


Source: Facebook / Matt Moniz

During that time, Matt accomplished more than most experienced adult mountain climbers do in their entire lifetimes – and, as a result, he now proudly holds multiple records related to mountaineering. He’s also faced his fair share of adversity, having his big plans ruined by one deadly avalanche and then being directly involved in another that marked the deadliest day that Everest has ever seen. Finally, however, at the age of 20, Matt has realized his dream. Here, we present the incredible story of Matt Moniz’s journey that took him above the clouds.