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Creative Lady Transforms an Old Garage into a Home That’s Better than Some People’s Houses

It is not an easy task in maintaining your home. A lot of things must be put into consideration, and they include time, money and hard work. This can only make one wonder how any ordinary person is expected to transform their house into an excellent and beautiful place without having to spend an exorbitant amount of money.

As we all know the world we live in today, it is tough to find a decent and affordable apartment. Therefore, people who can’t afford these high costs have no choice but to settle for less. However, the story was different for Whitney Leigh Morris. The only thing she did was to move into her garage…

Whitney Leigh and her Family

Whitney Leigh Morris is a designer, blogger, and “small space living consultant.” For her and her family, living in a fantastic and beautiful city of Los Angeles, California, was a life-long dream.


Source: boredomtherapy.com

Whitney and her husband, Adam lived a comfortable life in their lovely home. They had a son named West and 2 beagle-mix rescues with the names Stanlee and Sophie. Looking at the lifestyle of Whitney and her family, one would think they were among the wealthy elites living ins Los Angeles.