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Defying Her Doctor, Mom Decides to Get Pregnant with Her 22nd Child

Many people grow up dreaming of having a baby someday, or maybe even two. A lot of people like to imagine themselves with a couple of kids running around the house, fully enjoying all the thrills and spills of family life. Some people even picture themselves having big families with three, four, or even five kids. However, there’s probably never been a single person on Earth who dreamed of having over 20 kids!


Photo by Bruce Adams / Daily Mail

Well, one woman named Sue Radford was just 14 when she had her first child. She’s in her 40s now, and has one of the biggest families on Earth, having given birth to 21 kids in total. And apparently, that wasn’t quite enough for Sue and her husband, as they decided to get pregnant one more time and are currently expecting their 22nd child. Read on to learn all about one of the most unique families on the planet.