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After Finding a Buried Chain, Mike Smith Unearthed a Dark Past

A man from Pembrokeshire, Wales, named Mike Smith turned out to be a very lucky man in 2018. He grew up with a metal detector, and since the age of 12, he would scour the fields, woods, and other locations in search of some buried treasure. His dream: to find something extraordinary. But the thing is he never expected to find such an ancient artifact.


Source: Pinterest / Bruce Forbus

One day, he found a chain buried a few feet under the ground he was standing on. Once he found the item, he could have stopped. But his gut told him to keep digging, and so he did. At that moment, he never could have guessed what he was about to literally unearth. Thanks to his instincts, his further digging proved to be worth the effort. Mike Smith found himself in possession of something very interesting… and valuable.

This is his story…