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Home Renovation leads to a Chilling Discovery and an FBI Investigation

Tackling home renovations is never easy, especially when you’re dealing with a building that was built way back in the 1940s. Everything is aging, and the structure is often unstable, which can result in a long, arduous process that can also be complicated and expensive. However, one couple from Ohio got a lot more than they bargained for when they started the demolition of their basement.


Source: Pinterest / Flickr / Flickr

What started off as multiple exciting – and extremely lucky – discoveries turned increasingly strange, and in the end, they unearthed something sinister that would shock them and the FBI. It’s not every day you find that the basement in your house is full of secrets, and it’s even more unusual when those secrets are dark and lead to a full-blown investigation by the FBI. But what could they have unearthed that would be that bad? Don’t miss this incredible story of one couple’s chilling basement renovation experience.