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Lifelong Friends End Up Discovering That There’s a Lot More to the Story

As the old saying goes, you can choose your friends, but you can’t choose your family. Or so we thought. This is a true story of two men from Hawaii, Walter, and Alan (aka Robi), who grew up together as friends. Or so they thought. The two were born 15 months apart in Hawaii during World War II. One of the boys was raised by his grandmother, who he thought was his mother, and the other boy was adopted right after birth.


Lifelong friends Alan Robinson (left) and Walter Macfarlane. Source: Pinterest

While each of them grew up in loving and supportive homes, something still ate away at them. Each one was always curious about who their parents were. Walter never knew his father, and Robi didn’t know either of his birth parents. Then came along the wonderful technology of DNA tests. And with that, their story just began…