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Meet Milana Vayntrub: aka Lily From AT&T

The girl we all know as Lily from AT&T has much more than just a perky personality and enthusiastic smile.

After her commercial appearances, she became much more well-known thanks to higher-profile roles in TV shows. When she’s not working as an actress and comedian, Milana spends her time as an activist for refugees and uses her social media presence and fame to make sure that others see the importance of the causes she holds near and dear to her heart.

Speaking about her activism and comedy, Milana said, “People are really waking up to global responsibility, especially our generation, and I think the internet has a big part in it. I think it’s maybe just a time of so much strife in the world that it’s hard to ignore. Then there are brilliant comedians that make it something digestible but also infuriating. So yeah, I think entertainment and activism go very much hand in hand. Though I don’t want to say it’s an entertainer’s responsibility to also be an activist. I don’t even really think of myself as an activist. I just feel very passionate about these people who are going through a hard time.”

While the world knows her as Lily Adams from AT&T, you can say that you know her as a person, too (well, after you read this article, of course).

The Girl Behind Lily from AT&T

You recognize her from the AT&T commercials, but it’s Milana Vayntrub who’s making Lily a reality.


Source: Instagram

Milana brought us the character of Lily, the not very helpful but hilarious AT&T store clerk. And what makes her stand out above the rest is her innate ability to have us actually remember her after the commercial was over.