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Meet the Man Who Invented a Surgery to Cure Himself

A mysterious illness left college student Doug Lindsay debilitated for years. He couldn’t move – at least not enough to finish school, forcing him to quit. At the time, his autonomic nervous system disorder left medical experts baffled. They just couldn’t figure out what Doug was suffering from. Their confusion and lack of consensus only fueled Doug’s desire to figure out what was going on with his body.


Source: Flickr

His disorder – which attacks your heart rate, blood pressure, metabolism, and digestion – left him bedridden for 11 years. He decided to find an explanation, with or without help from the experts. While he was barely able to move, Doug was determined to find some answers, and he ultimately wound up shocking the medical world. It took him many years, but Doug finally found out what was wrong with him. He even invented the very surgery that ended up saving his life. How many of us can say that about ourselves?