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Seven Months in a Coma: A Shocking Medical Mystery

Kertisha “Tisha” Brabson fell victim to a baffling medical mystery. Tisha was a regular working woman who wasn’t feeling well one day. Like most of us, she pushed through it and thought it would pass. Unfortunately, her condition was a lot more serious than anyone would have guessed. Tisha was brought into the hospital after acting strange and delusional. Tisha fell into a coma, and doctors told her mother Kertease that she should consider pulling the plug.


Kertisha “Tisha” Brabson and her mother. Source: Facebook

Like any good mother, Kertease refused. She wasn’t just going to let her daughter die. Kertease got a variety of second opinions until she found a doctor who was willing to help her. Thanks to her devoted mother and hardworking doctors, Trisha eventually woke up. Unfortunately, some things are out of our control, but other times, miracles really do happen. Miraculously, the treatment worked and brought Tisha back, but her life would never be the same again. Here is her heartwarming story.