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The Debate on Jeanne Calment: Was She Really 122?

In 1997, Jeanne Calment passed away at age 122. She lived a long full life, and it caused an uproar after she died. Doctors and researchers were stunned to see how active Jeanne was, and how she didn’t suffer from any ailments that tend to come with old age. Skeptics were baffled, and skeptics started raising questions, which led to a fierce international debate around the world.


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It was unbelievable that this woman lived to 122 years old, but maybe the reason it’s so hard to believe is because it’s not actually true. She had one daughter named Yvonne, but some significant details about her life didn’t quite add up. A group of Russian researchers believe that Jeanne Calment is not who she says she is. Evidence began to reveal secrets of what is possibly one of the grandest hoaxes in medical history.

This is the mysterious life of Jeanne Calment and the theories surrounding her death.