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The Lululemon Murder: What Happened to Jayna Murray?

Please, Help!

Rachel didn’t know Ryan, but she asked him if he could go back inside the store with her because she was obviously scared – and for a good reason. Ryan walked to the back of the store, where he found a body lying face down. He told Rachel to call the police. Then he saw another person who was tied up but still alive.

A police car and police tape block the entrance to the Lululemon store.

Source: Reddit

When police got to the scene, they discovered Jayna’s unrecognizable body. They found Brittany in the bathroom, alive but seemingly injured. She had cuts all over her body, the crotch of her pants was ripped, and her hands were tied with a zip tie over her head. At the hospital, they saw cuts on her chest, legs, arms, and forehead. They also noted a two-inch laceration on her right hand.