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Watch What Happens When a Zookeeper Picks This Newborn Cub in Front of His Mother

Lions are very protective of their territories. As soon as they see any unfamiliar lion or any other animal for that matter, enter the bounds of their virtually fenced territory, they roar and pounce on the intruder before shredding them into many pieces. With that said, one can only imagine their reaction to seeing their newborn cubs being picked up by unknown hands. You would assume that as a rule of thumb, it would be best not to go near the cubs of a fierce lioness, right?

This South African Zookeeper Thinks Differently


Source: The Lion Whisperer – YouTube

Since the lions are mostly just big cats, their babies are bound to be irresistibly adorable. But not all cute things should be touched and petted, right? Well, this South African zookeeper seems to think a bit differently.

He didn’t think twice before picking up this little bundle of feline joy. He grabs the furball and just when he is about to cuddle him ferociously, you won’t believe what the cub’s mother does.