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Woman Adopts a Tiny Pet Without Knowing What It Would Grow Up To Be

Yumna Saloojee is a woman from South Africa who couldn’t wait to adopt her first pet. As soon as she saw this adorable little Alaskan malamute dog, he stole her heart. He was just a small puppy at the time, and Yumna was so excited to take him home and raise him. She always wanted a pet, and her dream was finally coming true. Yumna named her pooch Tydus, but he turned out to be far from what she expected.


Source: Instagram @trez_and_tydus

After a few months, Yumna noticed a drastic transformation in Tydus. He definitely didn’t look a puppy anymore. She knew he would grow bigger, but this was not what she predicted at all. However, it only made Tydus more special. Check out the incredible story of Yumna and her dog Tyson. Plus, we included some more Alaskan malamutes posing with their owners. If you are a dog lover, this one is for you!