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Burning Man Pictures that will Take your Breath Away

Burning Man Ice Cream

A local Ice-creamery, ‘Icecycle Creamery’ in Reno, serves Burning Man-inspired treats during the month of August! Don’t forget to stop by while you’re in town! Some of these delicious items are Strawberry margarita sorbet, Black Rock Rum raisin, and the Burning Breakfast, which is some Bourbon and bacon. Yum!

Woman in front of a sculpted castle

Source: Instagram

This picture is how I would imagine a Burning Man fairy-tale. That incredible sculpture in the background looks like a castle! Well, sort of. It’s just so big! Although I don’t see a prince, I’m pretty sure that everyone at Burning Man thinks they are in some kind of storybook depending on how much drugs they do. I love the dusty foggy background. It adds the rustic style to the bright and colorful theme!