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Don’t Forget Your Sunscreen – Risky Beaches from Around the World

Nothing beats having a quiet lie-down on the beach or a little swim across the sea during summers. It’s a blissful escape from the dusty, mundane everyday lives, and it’s often very refreshing, therapeutic, and enjoyable. However, some of the best places to sunbathe are also habitats to some of the most dangerous predators of the planet. From great white sharks to Komodo dragons to alligators to poisonous snakes to lions, you will find all sorts of killers on beaches from around the world. So, the next time you take your family to make sand dunes and take in some of that Vitamin D, make sure you take necessary safety precautions; especially if your favorite beach is mentioned in the list below:

Kilauea Beach in Hawaii

Nothing epitomizes the saying “Looks can be deceiving” more than this beach in Hawaii. It’s located on the North side of Kauai Island, and even though it looks incredibly beautiful and peaceful, there is a lot more to it than meets the eye.


Source: Moon Travel Guides

It’s actually situated near an active volcano and has a very vicious undercurrent as well. The lava from the volcano often makes its way into the water, and swimmers have to rush out of the sea, for obvious reasons.