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The Legendary Life of the Crocodile Hunter: Steve Irwin

Before Joe Exotic, there was Steve Irwin, who was known for his job working at a zoo. But other than the fact that both of them were featured on reality TV, there is a huge difference between the Tiger King and the Crocodile Hunter. Steve Irwin was born into an animal-loving family and worked as an Australian zookeeper. The animal expert loved all kinds of creatures and has never done anything to harm them. (We can’t exactly say that about Joe, can we?)


Photo by James D Morgan / Shutterstock

The Crocodile Hunter was born to parents who founded The Australia Zoo. It became a tourist attraction after it was featured on episodes of Irwin’s hit show, The Crocodile Hunter. To this day, the zoo is still operating, and fans there to pay tribute to the late Aussie. He passed away in 2006, leaving behind two young children. But they’re all grown up now and even followed in their father’s footsteps.

This is the life and legacy of the infamous Crocodile Hunter.