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The Most Dangerous Places to Swim Around the World – Ranked

Going for a swim can sound like a lot of fun! A new fad in the world today is to close your eyes, spin the globe and pick a place to go. Well before you do, make sure to read up on our list of places you never swim in. Not everybody of water is meant for a human’s body, and if you make the mistake in dipping into the wrong spot, it may be the last dip you have had. Enjoy our list of 40 places you never want to swim in. Okay so maybe a few of them are safe under the right conditions, but for others, you will be surprised they even existed!

47. Sea Snakes Have Entered the Gulf of Mexico

There aren’t supposed to be any sea snakes in Gulf waters. They normally dwell in the Pacific but now they seem to be making their way up to the Gulf of Mexico. Someone saw a snake emerge from the edge of the 18 Mile Light (the Sabine Bank Lighthouse) out of Sabine Pass, Texas on the Texas-Louisiana border.


Source: Banded Sea Krait (Photo courtesy NOAA Photo)

“It had white/bluish and black bands and came from under the weeds and then swam to the surface. It was a sea snake and I have no doubts about what I saw,” said the person who witnessed it and chose to remain anonymous. He also said that the “snake” had a paddle-like tail and both he and his fishing partner watch it for a few minutes. What’s disconcerting is that there aren’t supposed to be any snakes in Texas. Yet here they are. So beware, swimmers…