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The United Photos of America: Summing Up Each State in One Photograph

The United States can sometimes seem more like the United Countries. Some states are so radically different from one another that you would think they’re in a different country altogether. It’s hard to believe that Florida and Alaska are in the same country. Or even New Jersey and Kansas. And what about Hawaii?

If you had to sum up your state in one sentence, what would you say? At a loss for words? Well, maybe a photo might do the job instead. If I had to find one common thread that can weave together each state, it would be humor. And what’s life without being able to laugh at ourselves?

This is a list of each state and one photo to represent it. Enjoy the next few moments of your day…

Alabama: “We Dare Defend Our Rights”


Source: YouTube

With a state motto like “We dare defend our rights,” no wonder people choose to do whatever they want. Take this guy, for example, who chooses to make a fishing boat out of some blocks of wood and a lawn chair. And guys like this are pretty much seen on every street corner selling corn to flowers to bullets.