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The Unlikely Friendship that Will Melt Your Heart

Sometimes, friendships come in unlikely forms – and the ones you never thought you’d end up becoming the most valuable. This can also happen in the animal kingdom, where occasionally, a member of one species forms a strong bond with a member of another species. This was the case in this remarkable tale of an orphaned baby elephant in South Africa. After being abandoned by his herd, rescued, and taken to the Thula Thula Private Game Reserve, the elephant received all the medical treatment necessary to restore his health. But something was missing. He needed a friend. The employees at the reserve were determined to succeed and didn’t disappoint, finding their patient the perfect companion to help nurse him back to health. It did wonders for the elephant’s well-being – and it won’t fail to warm your heart. Don’t miss this incredible story of cross-species friendship that overcame all the odds.

The Elephant that Was Left Behind

No one knows for sure why its herd in South Africa abandoned this baby elephant, but if it weren’t for a rescue team finding him, there’s no doubt he would have perished. Malnourished, weak and sick, the team knew his life hung in the balance.


Source: honesttopaws.com

Luckily, they were prepared to do whatever it took. Their original plan was to get the baby elephant healthy enough to have another herd adopt it. However, they didn’t expect that the medicine the elephant would receive would end up complicating those plans.