What are the 40 Places in the World You Should Never Swim In?


By Edan Ben David

Going for a swim can sound like a lot of fun! A new fad in the world today is to close your eyes, spin the globe and pick a place to go. Well before you do, make sure to read up on our list of places you never swim in. Not everybody of water is meant for a human’s body, and if you make the mistake in dipping into the wrong spot, it may be the last dip you have had. Enjoy our list of 40 places you never want to swim in. Okay so maybe a few of them are safe under the right conditions, but for others, you will be surprised they even existed!

Dominican Hell Pit

This may look like a fun pool size jacuzzi to swim in, but you are actually looking at one of the most dangerous places to swim in the world! This is the Boiling Lake in the Dominican Republic. Under the water is volcanic magma, and the water is boiling so hot you can probably poach an egg in it in 10 seconds, and it would still be overcooked!

Source: Shutterstock.com

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