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When Animals Would Rather Be the Behind the Camera

I gotta admit that I’m jealous of wildlife photographers. They get to spend their days in beautiful landscapes and capturing the moments of incredible wildlife that exist on this planet. Sure, it can involve hours on hours of waiting for the moment the jaguar finally walks out of the bush, but that moment – it’s unforgettable.

Okay, so wildlife photography is amazing, right? Well, what if the subjects of their photography don’t want their photos taken? What if they would rather be behind the camera with the photographer? These are photos of exactly that. These animals chose to interrupt their impromptu photo shoot and chose to go behind the scenes instead.

A Cheetah or a Camera Assistant?

This photo may seem quite relaxing, if not incredible. But this photographer was anything but relaxed. He has to still get the perfect shot of his subject while a cheetah is coolly and casually just lying next to him. No big deal, just a highly dangerous yet gorgeous wild cat is sitting next to you.


Source: Pinterest

This cheetah looks like she has some pointers to give this photographer on how to keep the focus on the lens.