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Her Dog Kept Barking at Her Pregnant Belly, And It Saved Her Life

If you aren’t a pet owner yourself, then you must have heard from those who are that animals tend to notice or detect things that just don’t fall into our human radar. Whether it’s a dog or a cat or other animals, they seem to have something of a sixth sense where they can pick up on the slightest change in energy. This is why they sometimes try to signal things to us by barking or scratching or whatever. This is exactly what happened with a dog named Keola and her pregnant owner, Alhanna Butler.


Source: Pinterest

When Alhanna and her fiance Ricky learned of her pregnancy, they were both overjoyed end excited to start a family. But Keola started acting weird around her owner when she was getting nearing four into her pregnancy. Alhanna didn’t really think much of her puppy’s actions and brushed it off. That was until she realized the reason behind why Keola kept barking and pawing her growing belly.